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Desktop Elasticsearch & Kafka GUI tools to keep your work moving.

Multi-platform Developer Desktop GUI Tools

You need tools to keep your work moving. You need Spectre.

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Spectre™ ES GUI

Spectre™ ES is a desktop GUI for editing and deleting documents in an Elasticsearch database. Edit or Remove Documents directly in-line. Manage your Elasticsearch Database with an easy to use Kibana alternative.

Spectre™ Kafka GUI

Spectre™ Kafka is a desktop GUI for viewing and creating Topics, as well as viewing Messages published through your Kafka cluster. View Messages directly in-line. Manage your Kafka Cluster with an easy to use Confluent alternative.



Spectre GUI Tools are designed to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

You don't need something fancy and complicated. You need something that is easy to use and works.
There is beauty and efficiency in a simple design.
Developers love using Spectre GUI for Elasticsearch and Kafka.

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